Don’t Throw Out Your Old Coffee! Make A Delicious Drink

70I still brew a new pot of coffee everyday, but now I stretch my dollar by saving some of the coffee that would otherwise be dumped down the drain. I used to waste lots of coffee by making a new pot of coffee each morning.

Then the next day I would dump the old pot of coffee and make a new one. What can I say I like the great taste of good gourmet coffee. The bitter taste of old coffee wasn’t doing it for me.

Then one day I had a good idea, I decided to start saving my coffee to make a cold coffee drink later. Since I dont like to drink hot coffee in the middle of a hot summer day, the iced coffee drink worked out perfectly.

Here is what I do to make my iced coffee drink, it cuts down on wasted coffee and saves you money in the long run.

When the coffee has cooled off, pour the coffee into a mason jar. Then put the mason jar filled with cooled coffee in the refrigerator. Now when your looking for a nice cool drink to quench your thirst during the middle of the day, you can make an iced coffee drink.

Here is how I make my iced coffee drink:

Put ice in a glass,

Fill the glass about 3/4 full with your left over coffee,

Add your favorite flavored coffee creamer to taste

Stir it up and enjoy your iced coffee

Also try blending the cold coffee up in a blender with ice cream, its delicious.

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