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1 It has been estimated that, if the need for modern

Unmet need for contraception can result in unintended pregnancy and avoidable maternal and infant deaths.1 It has been estimated that, if the need for modern contraception methods were met, 52 million unintended pregnancies, 24 million abortions (over half of which would be unsafe) and 70 000 maternal deaths would be prevented among women in low income countries each year. Text messages, voice messages or smartphone applications) depending on the literacy of the population and the devices available.10 Compared with face to face interventions, mobile phone based interventions have the advantage that they can provide interactive, personalized support inexpensively wherever the person is located and whenever needed. Our research suggested that women in Cambodia often found it difficult to make decisions about contraception at the time of seeking abortion services; they needed more time, to wait for their health to improve or to speak with family or friends.11 Hence, in this setting, where 80% of the population live in a rural area and geographical distances can restrict access to services, mobile phone based interventions may provide an effective method for maintaining communication with clients after they leave the clinic.7,12 Interventions delivered by mobile phone have been shown to be effective in other health areas, such as smoking cessation and adherence to treatment for human immunodeficiency virus infection.13,14 However, the evidence from three small trials in which a mobile phone based intervention was used to increase contraceptive use has been inconclusive.15 17 The objective of our study was to evaluate the effectiveness of a mobile phone based intervention designed to support post abortion contraception in Cambodia.

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SaaS and cloud computing has been adopted rapidly by start ups

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